In the spirit of looking on the bright side, here are five things we can do this week to set ourselves up for positive outcomes once the fog lifts…

1. Read a book – I’ve read a few over the past 2-3 weeks, some in print form, others in audio. Pick something inspirational or something that makes you think. Find an outdoor spot to read and absorb some vitamin D to enhance the experience.

2. Listen to a podcast – I do this while on a run or a walk. Experiment with a new genre or series or use it to expand your knowledge or think in a new way. 

3. Work on your business – With forced time to do things a little different, utilise this opportunity to update your website, adjust your strategy or create a new marketing plan. If your business (like ours) will likely look different for the foreseeable future, think about new pricing structures or delivery formats. 

4. Create a side hustle or project – I’ve had more time on my hands and for me, that meant going a little stir crazy. My mental health needed something to focus on and to create. I found it this past week in a special project for my church. Create something. Build something. Start that project that you’ve been thinking about. 

5. Think about who needs your skills, expertise, network or resources – A slow from the bustle of regular life can allow us time to think. Use that time to think about what or whom you can help. How could your time, skills or resources help someone else? What could you do today, this week or once we’re free again to lift someone up or improve their situation? 

All good ideas, maybe you’ll take on one of these this week. Or maybe they will just sit and brew inside you for a while. The key is taking something we didn’t plan and that feels like a challenge and turn it into an opportunity. Take care this week!