If you are like us, you’ve been avoiding checking the screen time for fear of knowing for certain just how many hours we (and our kids) have spent on devices. That said, our phones are indeed an incredible tool and gift to have at a time like this.

Here are five apps that we think are worth checking out this week.

1. Learn a language – I’ve been working on my French in spare moments using Duolingo. Whether you don’t know the first word or just need to keep yourself sharp, these short lessons and go at your own pace style keep me encouraged without making me feel like a failure. 

2.  Practice a skill – Similarly, my son and I are learning to play the guitar. We use Yousician to guide us through basic skills and chords. 

3. Schedule your day – It’s difficult to even know what day it is, much less what we are doing next. I’ve been using the Long Day app to time block my schedule out each day. Plan for 15-, 30- or 60-minute blocks and you can set it to notify you of when to change tasks. 

4. Improve your parenting – Family5 is not just about filling gaps of time, but for improving your home life and familial relationships in general. This app has more than 250 interesting ideas to engage your kids and keep your home thriving. 

5. Find meaning – During this time, more than ever, we’ve found it helpful to stay centred on something outside of ourselves. For us, we find that in scripture. The ReadScripture app supplements daily reading with animated videos designed to help you understand the bigger story.