We seem to be tip-toeing a bit closer to a loosening of the lockdown measures however, we’re still not sure what the new ‘normal’ will be… Meanwhile, work continues over at our Lonsdale Road location in anticipation of a day when we can all gather there again. 

Sometimes we all just need an escape and in this day and age, social media seems to be the choice du jour. So while twitter keeps devolving into more division and name-calling, with the right accounts, Instagram can be a momentary holiday from whatever life looks like these days. 

In this vein, here are five of our favourite Instagram follows this week to take your mind off of how poorly it seems home-schooling is going…

1. @drewholcombmusic – folk/Americana musician from Nashville who has been doing a daily cover from his kitchen with his equally talented wife –  @ellieholcomb.

2. @coastaljournal – dreamy photos of cottages, flora and fauna from the Kentish seaside. Blissful temporary escape during the lockdown. 

3. @goodnews_movement – 100% good news and inspiring/uplifting stories from around the world. Helpful for such a time as this.

4. @tastesbetterfromscratch – When you’ve already made all the things, check this account out for photos and inspiration. Just make sure you have a full larder or you are able to get flour in your next supermarket run!

5. @geoffreywalk – An adorable old Englishman who simply shares what’s on his mind, usually in his garden beside the brook. A welcome change from the standard insta fodder.