Our dream was to embrace the things we love about both coffee shops and coworking spaces, sprinkle in bits of pubs and boutique hotel lobbies, then drop it into the neighbourhood where we already live and love. An office that doesn’t feel like an office, but more like a shared living room for the neighbourhood. A place where you can get stuff done, and where you can meet new interesting neighbours.

“A group of people, united by location and intention… doing amazing things.”

This is GOOD SPACE – Queen’s Park’s Neighbourhood Work Club. 

It’s a club, but not so much the stuffy and exclusive St. James sort that may initially come to mind. More like a group of people united by location and intention – in Queen’s Park and about doing amazing and valuable things. 

No matter what you come to do – whether its working remotely for a few days a month from your City job, running you own organisation, working for a small local firm, smashing your side hustle, or organising the next school fundraiser with the other mums and dads – we have a perfect place for just that. In fact, that is part of the beauty of it. We are all hard at work doing loads of diverse and amazing things – and we can do them all better alongside neighbours and friends. 

The club is yours – help us make it unique and incredible. Bring your ideas and creativity. Let us know what interesting projects you are involved in and how we can help. Tell us what organisations you care about and how we can get involved. 

It’s a club of the neighbourhood and for the neighbourhood.